Time for a change – Moving to PowerShell.Org

I’m retiring – not from PowerShell, IIS, Exchange or the PowerShell community I love – I’m just retiring this blog. The reason? As the COO and CFO of PowerShell.Org I spend all my time in the Forums and putting my posts out there. So head on out to PowerShell.Org – Post questions in the Forums about any domain specific and PowerShell issue (any product), get the free Tech Newsletter and free eBooks. Join the strongest technical community ...

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You should be in the Scripting Games!

The official Microsoft Scripting Games, along with the Scripting Guy and friends, is now hosted through PowerShell.Org. The games begin APRIL 22, 2013! This is your chance to join the community, try your hand at solving real-world problems and win prizes if you succeed in besting your peers.

You NEED to participate, you WILL learn from the experience, you WILL excel, and you will improve your skills and career. If you don’t play, ...

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The right tool for the job

Teaching and writing about a favorite technology creates a special marriage, one that withstands regardless of age and blemishes that appear over time. In other words, you get tunnel vision – locked into only that product – missing what other competitors might be doing. You become an evangelist without realizing there might be something better in the world. The friendly arguments between friends often occur as one religion is pitted against another – think Mac versus ...

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Locating IIS certificates before the expire

Need to find certificates on your web servers that are about to expire? Try this…

To get a list of certificates from multiple web servers with the number of days left before they expire…

PS> $Servers = ‘web1′,’web2′,’web3′,’web4′

PS> $session = New-PsSession -ComputerName $servers

PS> Invoke-Command -Session $session {

Get-ChildItem -Path Cert:\LocalMachine\My |

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The PowerShell Summit of a lifetime – a call to PowerShell Admins

If you’re an admin like me using PowerShell to manage your network, if you manage products like IIS, AD, System Center, Exchange or VMware: you have a chance to be part of a very select community at a very special summit.

The PowerShell Summit will be held at Microsoft in Redmond April 22-24, 2013. Check here for details.

If you ...

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